1. What is the process if you want to have a image glass splashback?

Just give us a call and tell us what design you after, for example, beach scenes, wall paper pattern, fruit and veg or you own design and so on.

We will prepare all the design from our database.

2. Make an appointment with us.

Our designer will have a meeting with you to explain all the details about your project. Such as; glass material, picture quality, different way of laying the picture. We will make you a preview of the project before we start. You can have a ideal how does your splashback will looks like.

We will do the rest for you. sit back an relax.

3. What material do we use for the splashbacks?

We use New Zealand made 5mm toughened glass.

4. Does the material has difference?

There are two types of glasses for you to choose as a splashback, clear float and low iron, both of them are toughened glass.

We will recommend you to use the right type not the expensive one.

5. What is the lead time to get the image splashback done?

It only takes 7 working days for us to fully install your splashback.

We are a company that offers design, printing and installation one-stop serices for you.

6. How much does the image splashack cost?

The best way to find out the cost for your splashback, is to send us a Email with a quick sketch.

We will get back to you with a fixed price.

7. What warranty comes with the splashback?

10 years of warranty.

8. Do we have a showroom to visit?

You are welcome to come to our showroom which is located at

Address : 6C 89 Ellice road, Glenfield, Auckland.
Phone : 09 442 5692
Email : info@mcworkshop.co.nz

we are more than happy to show you our manufacturing line, also introduce all the latest technology.

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